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Project Management and Troubled Projects

JSM can augment your project management program.  As Principle Level Engineers JSM can solve problems internally, or draw in subject jsmmatter experts to quickly assist with problems causing delays.

JSM can complete these efforts in a non threatening manner reporting to senior management with progress and results.

JSM can manage a project inside your organization. Leveraging a positive environment and moving through the steps in an orderly fashion providing results quickly.

Project scope can be managing one station to a full automatic line.

JSM can provide high level summaries used for presentations to your senior management team, or funding partners.

These summaries can include:

  1. Regulatory and Industry compliance evaluation.
  2. Cost that involves, BOM, Cap-Ex, NRE and launch labor using proven models.
  3. JSM can provide a comprehensive report with an executive summary presentation for your use.

Is your team frustrated by equipment or processes that do not work properly? 

JSM can leverage our experience to help resolve the issue.  Working hand and hand with the team we can replace faulty parts, replace bushings where bearings are required, debris traps, proper plating and material selections.


Quick repairs to restore the machine to running condition is followed by a re-design of the station or non-functioning component.


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